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Retired Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena -

[Product Image]  The Big Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - project was commissioned by the Wilma theatre in Philadelphia Pa.,  for the east coast premier of the Tom Stoppard  play.. "Invention Of Love"

...the set was designed my Michael McGarty...  Mike said.. "how about a big head.. " ... "we said how much $$$????"  and the deal was struck..  

the head was originally designed as a large translucent sculpture, so it could be lit from within.  the thing was to be built from polyester resin and glass cloth.. damn sexy !!  but .. the budget got in the way of that artistic vision.   so it was reconceived as a solid unit.. that was built from foam and covered with liquid latex


Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - is covered in 9 gallons of liquid latex

Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - stands 14.5 feet tall

Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - weighs about 1 lb. per cubic foot

Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - required both a 14 and 24 foot truck to travel

Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - was assembled on site in under an hour

Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - is damn sassy

Key Benefits

bullethe is big
bullethe is green
bullethe is gay...


if you have to ask........    ok that's not funny.. sure ill tell ya.. just don't tell the Wilma that I spilled the beans..   something like this would cost ya' $10,000 give or take a little..  and yes i know its a big chunk of change.. but you must say he is damn sassy!


Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - is now retired from a life in the theatre... and is now living in a back yard in upstate New York.. click here to see the photos    

Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - has a few photos in the October 2000 issue of Entertainment Design... 


this is a shot of Isotretinoin Online Coupon (Accutane), Roaccutane 20mg Tabletky Cena - on stage at the Wilma theatre...





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