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Adult Toys
Big Projects

Big Head Studio ..who are we??  what do we do...  ???  

...and what's with the name???

We are a dedicated group of folks who make things..    

    we like to build stuff.. things... almost anything.. we work in all sorts of media.. wood plastic rubber metal glass..    we carve, sculpt, sew, paint, and create things...   we once created a "Big Head" for a client... check out "Dave" under the big projects heading.

    some of the things we build are of an adult nature.. just a warning.. so don't get all freaked out if you stumble across a paddle or a piece of bondage furniture, in your quest to find information about foam is not our intent to offend...but we do it,  ...often..  so just get over it. or better yet... just don't  look.  

    If you are looking for Liquid Latex or a Violet Wand, click the ADULT link to the left.


Contact Information

if you would like to get in touch with me , or if you would like more information regarding anything you find on this site,  please do not hesitate ..   get out a pen, paper, a stamp or two....   ah, never mind.. just click the little E-mail thingie down below.

401 465 6829
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Scott Bonelli
97 Bracken St. 
Cranston RI 02920
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